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Award winning executive chef David Jean Marteau has been cooking and travelling around the world for over 20 years. David’s recipes aim to awaken the senses, turn the ordinary into the spectacular and educate the palettes of his international clientele. Not satisfied with the traditional, well known recipes of western cuisine, he reshapes, reconstructs and delivers on his promise of great food for the most astute food critic to the homegrown foodies looking to spice up their cooking.

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Apr 16

Ingenuous summer desserts

As i have been living in China for five years now, and i am well adapted, apart from the language side of it :-). and that the summer is approaching really fast (finally), i decided to create some Western version of their famous iced desserts. i got to admit, that those are way more popular in Taiwan, where i have been a few time. But to be honest for those of you who ever went there, you will understand what i mean. This classic ice dessert that they serve in Taiwan, is basically a milky mountain of shaved ice, which you can top with a variety of goodies, like fresh fruit salad, green bean, red bean paste, amongst many. So, in my vision, i recreated those shaved dessert, but my way of course, and well presented.

have a look at the photos, and let me know what you think.

they are so easy to do, you wont believe it. The main ingredient, you guessed well, is ICE, then you have to let your imagination come in and have fun. here are the ones that id did for the Parkyard Hotel Shanghai.

The first one is an apple compote on the bottom of the glass, topped with a bit of crushed ice, then i added a nice creamy caramel sauce, then a bit of strawberry coulis, then topped it with some unsweetened whipped cream, then more apple compote and a bit more ice. Just finished it with a nice chocolate decoration.

The second one, is made of fresh litchi, vanilla sauce, crushed ice and some raspberry coulis.

Then for the last one, it is made with large tapioca pearls, vanilla and caramel sauce, crushed ice and finished with unsweetened whipped cream.

Please do try, and let me know how it went.

Culinary yours

Global Chef

David Marteau